Transport logistics 2017 Munich - Link Booth A5-43009-05-2017

LINK Global Network is represented at the Transport Logistics Fair 2017, held in Munich Germany from May 8 till May 12.

The Transport Logistics in Munich is one of the biggest fairs in the industry and takes place every two years. As the foremost meeting point for visitors, exhibitors, and experts from all around the world, Transport Logistic brings together the whole supply chain. With the global coverage LINK is able to offer, Transport Logistics is a perfect podium for LINK and its ...
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The year of the rooster 201711-01-2017

Chinese New Year 2017 starts at Saturday January 28th !

2017 will be the year of the Rooster.

We hope all our relations have a prosperous and health year 2017.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !21-12-2016

Logistics International NetworK ( L.I.N.K.)

Wishes all relations around the world a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

We thank each of you for your support in 2016 and look forward to an even stronger support in 2017.

Thank you !

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Happy Diwali !02-11-2016

Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights celebrated every year in autumn in the northern hemisphere in India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Mauritius, SriLanka and Surinam. One of the major festivals of Hinduism, it spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and hope over despair. Its celebration includes millions of lights shining on housetops, outside doors and windows, around temples and other buildings in the communities ...
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New members for L.I.N.K. 2016 201702-11-2016

We welcome,

Nepal – Brisk Forwarding  Mr. Bodh Karki

Ireland – Laser Shipping Mr. Malcolm Kirby

Pakistan – GSL  Mr Imran Butt

Yemen – World Link  Mohammed Ali Bawazeer

Bermuda – Minimax Mr. Casey Burgess

Mauritius – World Freight Forwarding Mr. Francois Lan

Hungary - Global Solution Provider (GSP) Mr. Tibor Gubek

Indonesia – K ...
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Regional Asian meeting February 2017 in Seoul !02-11-2016

Besides all Asian members who will join the Asian Regional LINK meeting, many members from other parts of the world will also join that meeting.

It does make sense to join such a regional meeting, because you take the opportunity to talk to many members from all over the world at the same time.

Members save money and energy by traveling to a meeting where we meet multiple members and at the same time we save the environment, due to we all travel less.

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News update after London AGM 2016 !11-10-2016

The Annual General Meeting has been a great success.

Besides the fact that our host and dear member Aztek International did a great job in organizing this conference, they also contributed to the fact that this is a true LINK family.
Family values is the most important factor.

The exciting parts are as always the bi-laterals, meetings between two or more parties.

Problems are solved, strategies are shared and every participant is out for one thin ...
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LINK AGM in London (UK) hosted by Aztek International !28-06-2016

The London AGM is coming close, early this year,  starting Sunday September 18th with the Welcome Party on Sunday Evening and closing Thursday noon 12.30 on September 22 nd.

Most wrap ups and reviews and all voting is handled on that last Thursday morning, therefore we urge you all to stay until the end, noon 12.30 latest.( no lunch) and please do not leave early.

Aztek is our host and relying on you,  our global partners, please make your hote ...
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Best wishes 2016 and X-mas01-12-2015

On behalf of all staff of our entire global network offices we wish our relations a good new year and fore all good health!

Logistics International NetworK ( = L.I.N.K.) is also grateful to all those relations for their contineous support during 2015 and is looking forward for more support in 2016.

Merry Christmans and Happy New Year ! ...
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L.I.N.K. AGM in Amsterdam 201502-11-2015

The Annual Global Meeting of the Logistic International NetworK was held in Amsterdam at the NH-Hotel Barbizon in down town Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

agm_1Owners of logistic Companies and sales people from all over the world arrived in Amsterdam and participated in  the meeting. The entire event was hosted by Cyberfreight and we therefore ...
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New member from Tanzania09-09-2015

The Board would like to issue a warm welcome to our new member from Tanzania, Teddy Junior Ltd. We have been given the following website

Mr Chris Gumbe and Ms Virginia Ndlovu are very pro-active in developing new business. Please see below their email addresses.

We all look forward to gi ...
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Cyberfreight Best in Class in pharma logistics08-10-2014

Very unexpected two IGZ inspectors arrived at Cyberfreight on October 7th at 09:00 am for a unannounced audit. It was soon clear this inspection was going to last the entire day.
After all, nothing is left to chance by IGZ. We will spare you the details, but what we can report is that we were turned upside down completely.

What is important to share with you, are the finding and conclusions.A small number of minor points for improvement were noted, which of course we will ...
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Canton Fair Update 25 April 201424-04-2014

After a first week of many visitors at the Canton Fair the Monday start quietly, for a regular Monday that seems normal. The second day, Tuesday, around the same time, it already shows three times as much visitors then the day before. It strikes to see where the visitors mainly come from, we mostly see East European countries and people from Latin-America.
The Fair is built in three enormous hallways, each containing 5 floors, occupied by approximately 7.000 booths.

For LI ...
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Canton Fair 2014 Experience24-04-2014

It is good to learn that a good majority of LINK members does see this Canton Fair 2014 Experience as an opportunity to participate in live action. It is the opportunity to visit and meet tradesmen at the worlds largest trade fair in Guangzhou, Canton.

Let us start with the fact that the LAF-Asia team together with Mrs. Wendy Chiao deserve all credits in picking up this organizing and taking care of the guidance of all the arriving members from around the world.
The board ...
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Canton Fair update 23-04-2014

Here a nice picture from our L.I.N.K. team at the Canton Fair 2014 at booth # 57
Soon more updates from the Canton Fair!
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Canton Fair April 201405-02-2014

From April 15th till May 5th LINK is there for you at booth #57 at the Canton Fair in Guangzhou.
More information:
Download the Canton Fair App (Iphone):

More information:Click here -> Official website Canton Fair
DATE:2014/04/15 - 2014/05/05
VENUE:China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou
Location & Details of China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou
VENUE ADDRESS:No.380, Yuej ...
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New Office in Dallas, Texas (ACE)16-12-2013

View the pdf ...
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Mitchell Cotts Freight Kenya Limited23-08-2013

Mitchell Cotts Nairobi office relocated to a state of the art facility, at the beginning of April 
2013 (see above photo).
The facility covers approximately 11.4 acres and is situated along the main Mombasa Nairobi 
Highway. We are within the vicinity of the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and right 
opposite the Syokimau railway station.
Mitchell Cotts Logistics centre comprises eighteen (18) covered warehouses, sixteen (16) of 
which ar ...
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20th Anniversary Dubai AGM 201316-05-2013

The idea/concept of the LINK and creating our agent-network was born during the Autumn of 1993 and the first contract was signed in Rotterdam In November 1994. Dubai – being the center of the world- will no doubt be the perfect location to host this wonderful celebration.
Our host member, Time World Freight UAE, owned by Mr Usman Rehman will undoubtedly prepare a most memorable event. If you take a moment to review via the internet t ...
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Mitchell Cotts State Of The Art Facility In Nbo Kenya09-04-2013

Some great news from East Africa.

Mitchell Cotts is moving into a state of the art facility in Nbo.
We wanted to share this good news with the LINK fraternity therefore kindly pass the word to all our esteemed friends and partners.
Mugambi Muthamia ...
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New Year31-12-2012

The entire LINK organization and all its members want to thank their customers for their support in 2012.
We are greatfull and trust to have been supportive to all our customers.
Looking for a good 2013 and wishing you and your teams a sporty, healthy and prosperous year 2013 !
The LINK group. ...
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FRA 201218-10-2012

The LINK AGM held in Frankfurt has been a great success!
Transway has done an excellent job by hosting this years LINK AGM in Frankfurt.
Mathias Matzke was relieved when this was all over, without doubt Mathias took great pleasure in the positive result of all of this global meeting.
We have welcomed three new members on board, United Kingdom, Norway and Guatemala.
The most innovative operating Company was Infranordic from Sweden and they ...
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Cambodia Phnom Penh Office18-10-2012

Our partner in Vietnam has opened office in Cambodia, the city of Phnom Penh.
Due to labor rates going up in China, business people start looking for alternative markets.
Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are developping along with the situation and take away bigger portions of Industry from China.
At the same time Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos need import themself, for example  machinery, parts, environmental equipement like filters and pump ...
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Success San Antonio L.I.N.K. AGM02-05-2012

WOW, the Annual General Meeting of the L.I.N.K. has been a great success! San Antonio, Texas, hosted by American Cargo Express, well organized by Rick Trizano and his excellent team. Can you imagine arriving end of September in San Antonio and feeling the comfortable temperature of around 24 degrees Celsius on your body and a cool breeze going through your hair. A nice reception on Sunday evening, during which the invitees could introduce themselves informally and the others seeing the ...
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New Atlanta office for ACE02-05-2012

Following our planned expansion program on April 1st American Cargo Express opened their seventh US office in Atlanta GA.
American Cargo Express Inc.
495 Lake Mirror Road, Suite L
Atlanta GA 30349
phone; 404 684 0000
fax; 404 684 0021
We look forward to receiving your inquiries covering the States of Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North & South Carolina and Virginia. ...
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Cyber Freight runs a Cargo Charter!02-05-2012

Cyber Freight runs a Cargo Charter!
On Wednesday evening August 19th 2009 the first call came in, we have been working on it during that evening and were on standby that night.
The next morning Frank was on the phone with carriers, charter parties, Svitzer, trucking companies etc..
Consult, meetings, deadlines and what all, needed to be taken in account.
The challenge for Svitzer Salvage was a vessel that had run on a reef near Santa Domi ...
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LCL LINK box EU to USA and Canada02-05-2012

L.I.N.K.-Europe goes USA for oceanfreight LCL shipments!!!!
Cyber Freight is proud to launch a new jointly developed L.I.N.K. service!
Our own L.I.N.K. consol box to the USA and Canada.
This product offers great advantages for the customers of the L.I.N.K. partners in Europe, the USA and Canada.
You can book your LCL shipment to the USA directly at Cyber Freight Rotterdam. Most of you are already familiar with the Cyber Freight staff; mr. Peter Pon ...
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LINK AGM 201002-05-2012

LINK AGM in Istanbul was a great success!
Sunday evening September 26th 2010, approximately 140 people meet again after one year at the welcoming party in the Intercontinental Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey.
SNS International, our host Mrs Efsun Sarac and her partner Tarkan Tuzmen could finally unwind and enjoy seeing all parties flocking together at this evening party on the day before the AGM of the LINK agent network.
Monday morning the actual meeting started ...
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Link AGM 2009 Hong Kong02-05-2012

LINK AGM 2009 Hong Kong
Sunday evening October 4th all members were present on the welcoming reception in Hotel Mira Hong Kong on Nathan Road.
Some 120 visitors travelled from 68 different countries to join the 2009 LINK General Meeting and received a warm welcome by our host NAF, Mr Francis Wong, his son Raymond Wong and daughter Queenie Wong and their families.
Monday October 5th we started the official opening at 08.00 a.m., all members present in suit ...
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Thank you!02-05-2012

For a part of the world the years end is coming near and soon we move towards the Chinese New Year in February 2010.  Financial year ending, checking stock for trading Companies.
The year 2009 will go down in history in being a crisis year and everybody around the world had to deal with the crisis in one way or another.
As good businessmen we are positive thinkers and seeing challenges and new opportunities for 2010.
The entire LINK group, all members wo ...
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Important announcement Nigerian Ports Authority02-05-2012

Important announcement Nigerian Ports Authority
The Federal Executive Council at its meeting held on 9th December, 2009 approved the implementation of Cargo Tracking Note System as part of procedure for cargo security and safety.
Consequently from 11th January, 2010 every commodity loaded or unloaded (Import / Export), at or withNigeria as the final destination has to, pr ...
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AGM Meeting 201002-05-2012

SNS International, Mrs Efsun Sarac and Tarkan Tuzmen will be hosting the LINK AGM 2010.
It is the first time in history of the LINK organisation that an associate member has been unanimously voted to be the host of an AGM.
I think for most of us the feeling was that the timing is exactly right, the world is in turmoil, east and west are divided, Cristians and Moslims are splitting up the world, wereas within LINK and in our international business we daily experience that ...
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LINK African Meeting March 201002-05-2012

The 1st Annual General Meeting for Logistics International Network (L.I.N.K.) Africa
Mitchell Cotts Freight hosted the 1st Annual General Meeting for LINK Africa on Tuesday 2nd March 2010 at Sarova Whitesands in Mombasa. The Global L.I.N.K. presence is represented in 60 countries worldwide out of which 7 members are from Africa.
The forum saw members from 13 countries in attendance. These included the hosts Mitchell Cotts Freight from Kenya, as well L.I.N.K. mem ...
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ENS for Europe02-05-2012

Pursuant to European Commission Regulation No. 1875/2006, Carrier is obligated to submit entry summary declaration (ENS) for all cargo moving into the customs territory of the Community, regardless of their final destination, not later than 24 hours prior to the time the cargo is loaded on Carrier's vessel in a foreign port of loading.
In complying with above regulation, all shipping Line decided to implement ...
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Swiss Airline 201 Award Skyway Greece02-05-2012

Kostas and Stellios and their team are proud to show you that their Company has been awarded to be the number 1 freight forwarder in Greece to deal with Swiss Airlines for the year 2010!
Skyway moved tremendous volumes of cargo during 2010 and were able to work closely with the team of Swiss Airlines.
You can open the award - announcement if you click here Swiss Award 2010(.doc) ...
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Duc Viet Cargoteam opening office in Laos02-05-2012

Duc Viet Cargoteam new office in Vientiane, Lao.
Here's our below mentioned Address in Vientiane, Lao for your references. 
181, Unit 13, Thaduea Road,
Sisattanak District,  Vientiane Capital, Lao P.D.R
Tel: +856 21 313 390 / +856 21 222 713    Fax: +856 21 313 765
General E-mail:
Attn: Mr.Daravieng DOUANGSITHI (Nick) Managing Director
Mobile: +856   ...
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Duc Viet Cargoteam New Facility02-05-2012

Duc Viet Cargoteam have openend new facilities in Ho Chi min City. Below you can see some photograph's of the brand new and highly sophisticated facility located between the port and the city of Ho Chi Min.
Security and sprinklers for fire security is the topic for Marc Guilhem, who together with his father Paul Guilhem cleared this wonderful job.
To be able to offer such facilities in Vietnam is exceptional, but both father and son are looking into the future of global logistics.< ...
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